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Sadolin Classic Wood Protection is suitable for all exterior wood including decking.  



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  • Sadolin Classic Wood Protection is suitable for all exterior wood including decking.
  • It absorbs deeply into the timber to provide exceptional protection against the weather.
  • It is particularly effective on large areas of timber such as cladding, fascias, decking and rough sawn timber. It is
  • Ideal as a base stain on new joinery which is to be subsequently treated with Sadolin Extra.
  • Not suitable to use on surfaces previously coated with a medium/high build coating.


        • • Can be used on all exterior wood including decking

        • • Exceptional wood absorption for excellent weather protection

        • • Ideal as as Base coat for new joinery decking, cladding, fascias, garden furniture & garden buildings





Brand     Sadolins
No of coats     2-3
Pack Sizes     1lt, 2.5lt & 5lt
Coverage     Hardwood up to 14q mtrs per litre, Softwood up to 8 sq.mtrs per litre

     For all exterior & interior wood, ideal for decking & rough sawn timber, also as a base stain for untreated conservatories & decking

Drying Time    4-6 hours & recoatable after 16-24 hours

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Do not apply if there is a risk of rain, or when air / substrate temperatures are below 8°C or above 25°C, or if the relative humidity is above 80% during application or drying periods.


Protect from frost and rain until dry. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying, visual quality and durability of the finish.


Initial Procedure


Ensure product is thoroughly stirred before and during application, otherwise sheen and colour variations may be experienced.


Sadolin Classic is supplied ready for use.


Do not thin.


Applying the Product


For best results use a good quality, long-haired, soft bristle brush.


Sadolin Classic should be applied in a full flowing coat, working well into joints and ensuring end grains or sawn timbers are coated to saturation.


After 5-10 minutes redistribute the coating by brushing evenly in the direction of the grain.


Allow a minimum of 16-24 hours drying time before recoating or applying the Sadolin Extra finishing topcoats.


Avoid over spreading Sadolin Classic as this will reduce the long term durability and performance of the coating systemts

The need for maintenance is indicated by a lightening in colour, reduction in sheen as the coating erodes, and a loss of water repellence.


All defective coatings should be completely removed.


Any grey denatured exposed timber surfaces must be thoroughly sanded back to clean, bright timber.


Organic growths must be removed and infected surfaces should be treated with a suitable fungicidal solution.


Remaining sound surfaces should be cleaned using a warm water and mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water.


Bare timber should be patch primed with one or more coats of Sadolin Classic in the appropriate colour to match existing colour.


On weathered / eroded surfaces apply a further coat of Sadolin Classic overall and allow to dry.


Finish with 1 or 2 coats of Sadolin Extra as required.

Sadolin Classic Wood Protection is suitable for all exterior wood including decking.  



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