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Flat Oil Eggshell provides a contemporary oil-based eggshell finish with a sheen level of 10% that sits right between matt and eggshell.

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Little Greene Flat Oil Interior Eggshell
Little Greene Flat Oil Interior Eggshell Change Colour



Flat Oil Eggshell provides a contemporary oil-based eggshell finish with a sheen level of 10% that sits right between matt and eggshell.

Designed specifically for interior use, the formula has been developed to give superior, glide-on application characteristics with extended workability and open time, making brushing out a real pleasure, even for the least confident of painters.


    • Environmentally-friendly


    • Water-based


    • Washable


    • Great for walls & ceilings


    • Can even be used on woodwork and radiators


    • Certified completely safe for children's rooms and furniture ('Toy Paint Regulations' BS EN71-3:2013)


    • Gloss level - 5% (very matt)


    • Covers approx 14 square metres per litre (one coat)


    • Available in all colours


    • Available in 3 tin sizes - 5L, 2.5L and 1L


BrandLittle Greene
Pack Sizes1lt, 2.5lt
Theoretical Coverage18 square meters per litre (varies with surface porosity & texture)
Recommended number of coats2
Surface Dry4 Hours
Time to recoat16 Hours minimum
Colour AvailibilityAll Little Greene colour ranges

Stir thoroughly before use.


Do not apply to surfaces when the ambient temperature is below 5o C.


Brushing: Use a high quality natural bristle brush that is suitably sized for the project at hand. New brushes should be conditioned by washing in clean white spirit and thoroughly drying with a clean, lint free, cloth.


Avoid immersing brush too far into the paint to prevent paint from entering the ferrule. Avoid drips and splashes by not overloading the brush.


Apply paint in even strokes and only extend painting area such that a wet edge can be easily maintained. For the highest quality appearance, keep final brush strokes all in the same direction and never go over paint that has already begun to dry.


For intricate items, or where high ambient temperatures/high air flow conditions cannot be avoided, the open time maybe extended further with a 5% (v/v) addition of white spirit.


This advice is also applicable to large flat areas; however, use of a paint roller is the recommended application method in such cases. Lightly rubbing down between coats will remove any dust motes and other surface contamination, producing a near professional finish

Cleaning & Maintenance: For light surface soiling; use a dilute, lukewarm solution of domestic washing up liquid and a clean sponge or lint free cloth.


Ensure sponge or cloth is well wetted (but not dripping), wipe the affected area, repeat as required and allow to air dry. To help prevent general build up, keep your home well ventilated during activities likely to contribute to oil and grease accumulation, like cooking.


Tackle dust generated from DIY by, preferably, collecting at source or thorough vacuum cleaning. General dusting can be effectively achieved using paper towel or soft cloth and the damp dusting method. T


o prevent marking, always use a soft brush attachment to vacuum clean adjacent surfaces. Special Care: Avoid placing heavy objects onto surface for a least a week after painting.


Bookshelves and other frequent use surfaces may benefit from a very light application of beeswax polish to help prevent marring over the long term. Repair: Lightly rub down area to be repainted, apply a suitable primer to any exposed substrate.


Repaint item “break to break” with one or two coats as required.


Stand alone items, such as window frames and doors, may require the whole item to be repainted to avoid slight colour differences between the existing finish and adjoining repair areas. Inferior aesthetic results will likely be achieved with just spot repairs.

Flat Oil Eggshell provides a contemporary oil-based eggshell finish with a sheen level of 10% that sits right between matt and eggshell.

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