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Bona R880 is a strong, elastic construction adhesive based on silane. 

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• Bona R880 is a strong, elastic construction adhesive based on silane.

• Contains no plasticizers and can be used to glue many different materials.

• Specially designed for repair works on silane bonded floors but also for skirting boards and similar applications.

• Extremely quick setting, can be varied by user

• Extremely high initial tack

• Contains no plasticizers

• Soft elastic but high strength

• Water and solvent free

Drying Timeuntil: - Application of load: 6-12 hours

How To Apply Bona R880

Apply with cartridge gun

Before using the adhesive the following climatic conditions must be met: • Air temperature: min. 18°C • Floor temperature: min. 15°C (with underfloor heating max. 20 C) • R.H: max. 70 %

The adhesive must, if necessary, be brought to the right temperature.

After opening the cartridge the required amount of adhesive is pressed out and applied to one of the substrates. The other substrate is pressed in during the open time of approx. 10 min.

Depending on initial load, it may be necessary to fix the parts in place until setting has occurred.

To accelerate the bonding process, water can be sprayed on the substrates or the adhesive (0,5 %, for e.g. 1000 g adhesive you need 5 g of water, the water can be mixed into the adhesive, open time can then be reduced to 5 minutes, lay in the substrates immediately). If on the sub floor applied adhesive has a skin, remove adhesive and apply new. If excess adhesive is exuded it should be carefully removed.

After 4 to 8 hours it is possible to apply load or stress, depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

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Bona R880 is a strong, elastic construction adhesive based on silane. 

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