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Purdy Paint Brushes & Tools

Made by hand and using the finest materials, Purdy make the some of the finest brushes money can buy. As one of the UK's leading stockist of these high-quality Paint Brushes, here at Paint Panda we can help you to find your perfect Purdy's brush for your next decorating project.

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  • Purdy Mega Bundle

    Great value Purdy bundle contains the following :- 1x Purdy 12" - 18"  Adjustable Frame, 2x Purdy 12" Pro Extra Colossus Sleeve 1" Nap, 1x Purdy 9" Revolution Frame, 2x...
    £98.50 inc VAT
  • Purdy Ultimate Bundle P2 Purdy Ultimate Bundle P2
    Sold Out

    Purdy Ultimate Bundle P2

    The Ultimate bundle from Paint Panda for the Professional decorator Everything you need to paint, roll & finish.
    £141.99 inc VAT
  • Purdy Monarch Elite Paint Brush

    Purdy Monarch paint brushes are synthetic bristle brushes with stainless steel ferrule. Designed to lasts 5 times longer than natural bristle brushes, they are excellent investment. Ideal for interior and...
    From £10.90 inc VAT
  • Purdy Pro Extra Monarch Brush

    Purdy Pro Extra Monarch Brush is a superior quality paint brush. Its thicker filament blend lays off 30% more paint than any other brush in the Purdy range, making it...
    From £11.45 inc VAT
  • Purdy XL Sprig Elite Paint Brush

    Purdy XL Sprig Brush is a handcrafted paint brush with stiff brush filaments and is ideal for either interior and exterior use. It has excellent cutting or detail control making...
    From £12.70 inc VAT
  • Purdy XL Dale Elite Paint Brush

    Purdy Dale Elite Angled Brush is a superior quality angled paint brush is ideal for use with any type of paint. We know you need accuracy when cutting in and...
    From £9.48 inc VAT
  • Purdy Syntox Flat Brush

    The Purdy Syntox Brush range is designed to create an ultra smooth finish. The Purdy Syntox Flat Brush is the ideal choice for use with all stains and clears. Standard...
    From £14.45 inc VAT
  • Purdy Syntox Angled Brush

    Standard brushes might feel smooth enough to use with varnishes and stains, but the Syntox mimics natural ox hair, for an ultra smooth, mirror like finish on wood.
    £15.95 inc VAT
  • Purdy Pro Extra Monarch PEX1 3 Brush Pack

    Purdy value Pro Extra Monarch 3 brush box set. Longer, thicker filaments which are perfect for use with oil based paints.  
    £27.59 inc VAT
  • Purdy Jumbo Mini Roller Frame

    The Revolution Jumbo Mini Frame has the same open design as Purdy's Revolution Frame, to guarantee a smooth paint flow. The design ensures more paint is delivered onto the wall...
    £5.80 inc VAT
  • Purdy 9" Revolution Frame

    The Purdy Revolution Frame is known for its lightweight design, superior quality and robust design for prolonged trade use. The Purdy 9" Revolution Frame is the lightest on the current...
    £11.48 inc VAT
  • Purdy 12"-18" Adjustable Frame

    Purdy Adjustable Roller Frame fits all standard roller covers from 12" to 18". It features a patent pending cam latch system for quick adjustment and a unique angle design which...
    £16.90 inc VAT
  • Purdy Marathon Sleeve Twin Packs

    Purdy's Marathon sleeve will maintain its finish, even after 40 hours of continual use. Its exclusive blend of Nylon and Polyester reduces wear and tear, maintaining coverage and performance over...
    From £3.60 inc VAT
  • Purdy 6.5" Purdy White Dove Sleeve Twin Pack

    The White Dove sleeve uses the finest Nylon fabric to deliver an ultra smooth finish. This superior finish makes the sleeve ideal when working on domestic jobs. It also encorporates...
    £4.94 inc VAT
  • Purdy 6.5" Purdy Colossus Sleeve Twin Pack

    The Colossus sleeve picks up and releases more paint, making it ideal when speed and efficiency is key. It will leave a smooth finish when working on larger commercial jobs,...
    £4.94 inc VAT
  • Purdy 9" Pro Extra Colossus Sleeves

    The Purdy Pro-Extra Colossus 9" Roller Sleeve holds 25-35% more paint without dripping or splattering increasing coverage.  Made of an exclusive formulation of 100% polyamide,  Colossus roller covers lay paint...
    From £5.50 inc VAT
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