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Boat Varnish & Marine Paints

Looking at your boat or marine, yacht or even seaside house can often be a tricky task, especially when salt air and ocean elements get into the surface of your possessions and cause early deterioration. To avoid this from happening and protect your marine boat or home, we've sourced the finest range of Boat Varnishes and Marine Paints to give the surface a strong, stylish and durable finish.

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  • Owatrol D1 Deks Olje Saturating Hardwood Oil

    Deks Olje D1 is a saturating wood oil which feeds the wood to replace lost oils. It drives out any moisture and air present in the wood and fills the...
    From £26.51 inc VAT
  • Owatrol D2 Deks Olje Flexible High Gloss Varnish

    Deks Olje D2 is a varnish-like, tough, flexible and durable finish that enhances the natural beauty of both interior and exterior wood. It forms a highly flexible film which moves...
    From £31.20 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Marine Oil

    MARINE OIL is a versatile, highly penetrating air drying oil that can be used alone or added to paint. Used alone it provides a tough, flexible finish, driving out excess...
    From £15.14 inc VAT
  • Treatex 1ltr Teak Protector

    Treatex Teak Protection is a solvent free exterior wood finish containing pigments which block damaging UV rays. Treatex Teak Protection is the ideal finish for garden furniture, boat decks and other...
    £22.79 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Deck Cleaner & Brightener

    Deck Cleaner is a powerful cleaner and brightener that removes ground in and surface dirt while restoring a bright, vibrant look to fibreglass and grey, weather-beaten marine wood such as...
    From £17.93 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Marine Strip Paint & Antifouling Stripper

    MARINE STRIP is a powerful, water washable solvent free paint stripper that will remove oil and alkyd based paint, varnish, woodstain and anti-fouling. Requiring no supervision or immediate removal of...
    From £17.93 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Marine CIP 2.5Ltr Rust Inhibiting Primer For Overcoating With Any Paint

    OWATROL® C.I.P. (Corrosive Inhibiting Primer) is an anti-corrosive primer that possesses the penetrating properties of OWATROL® OIL with the added benefi t that it may be overcoated with any coating...
    £99.95 inc VAT
  • Owatrol 2.5ltr Deep Cleaner Water Washable Oil Remover

    Deep Cleaner is a powerful remover and cleaner, free from solvents and paraffin, that strips out new, old and encrusted oils from exterior wooden surfaces and also cleans severely weathered...
    £45.25 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Owalak White High Gloss Marine Enamel

    Owatrol’s Owalak is a premium, high gloss marine enamel for use on all substrates above the waterline. Tough and long lasting, Owalak is resistant to salt and pollutants, while also...
    From £57.70 inc VAT
  • Owatrol PID 60 Marine Universal Anti Rust Primer

    PID 60 Marine is a universal anti-rust primer made from alkyd resins and anti-corrosive pigments, for the priming and protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gelcoat, galvanised and old painted...
    From £38.94 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Owagrip Anti-Slip Polyutherane Coating

    Owagrip is a one pack polyurethane, non-slip finish for decks and other horizontal surfaces. It contains a tough polyurethane resin which allows it to protect against every day wear and...
    From £58.64 inc VAT
  • Owatrol GLV Marine Aluminium Paint

    Owatrol GLV is a highly flexible, anti corrosive coating with a high gloss finish that possesses the deep penetrating and adhesion properties of Marine Oil so the finish will not peel or...
    From £28.25 inc VAT
  • Owatrol 1ltr Owayell Gelcoat & Metal Renovator

    Owayell is a gelcoat and metal renovator which removes yellow staining, limescale and rust spots from gelcoat, stainless steel and other surfaces in a matter of minutes. It will brighten...
    £20.99 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Transyl Oil Multi Purpose Penetrating Lubricant & Releasing Oil

    Transyl Oil is a lubricating, deep penetrating, self-spreading liquid with exceptional ‘wetting’, spreading and climbing properties. It is able to reach the most hard to reach areas and is perfect for the dismantling...
    From £7.66 inc VAT
  • Owatrol 1ltr Owaclean Hull And Deck Cleaner

    Owaclean is a concentrated, solvent and acid free cleaner for the regular maintenance of hulls, decks and other marine surfaces. This waterbased all-purpose cleaner removes dirt, grease and other surface...
    £15.94 inc VAT
  • Owatrol Blackbat 2 In 1 Fender Cleaner And Black Mark Remover

    Blackbat 2 in 1 (Previously known as Owablack), is a fast acting cleaner for fenders, vinyl, artificial leathers, inflatables, hulls, decks and more. Easy to use, Blackbat 2 in 1...
    From £23.15 inc VAT
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