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Decorators Knives, Blades & Scrapers

At the Decorators Store we have chosen the finest Decorators Knives, Blades and Scrapers to help you to get the very best finish on your decorating projects at every stage. Whether you need to clear existing walls of large sections of wallpaper, require the best blades to cut paper or stencils or even require a high-quality decorators knife to apply the finest details to hung wallpaper, we have the perfect products for your requirements.

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  • Purdy Premium Flex Putty/Filling Knives

    Purdys premium range of quality decorators putty/filling knives. Features a rust resistance, high carbon steel blade with a comfortable non slip handle.
    From £5.46 inc VAT
  • Olfa X-DESIGN Heavy Duty Scraper (300mm long)

    The Olfa Heavy Duty Scraper is 300mm long tough durable scraper withô˜a heavy duty 0.8mm thick blade.Re-developed based on the BSR scraper, the OLFAô¸ XSR-300 benefits from X-DESIGNŸ?« excellence.ô˜This means...
    £25.00 inc VAT
  • Olfa X Design 9mm Auto Lock Snap Knife with Pocket Clip & Blade Snapper

    Ÿ?« The OLFAô¸ XA-1 benefits from X-DESIGNŸ?« excellence.Ÿ?« This means that it has a very comfortable, anti-slip grip, allowing you to use maximum pressure to cut, safely. Ÿ?« The elastomeric...
    £5.60 inc VAT
  • Olfa 9mm Lightweight Metal Body Cutter

    Ÿ?« A precision lightweight snap off knife for detail work.ô˜Ÿ?« The OLFAô¸ 180BLK snap-off cutter features a lightweight metal body which is ideal for light-duty cutting jobs.Ÿ?« The pocket clip...
    £3.49 inc VAT
  • Olfa AB-10B Endurance 9mm blades (Pack of 10x)

    Ÿ?« OLFAô¸ ENDURANCEŸ?« blades are made from high carbon tool steel (SK-2) and sharper than most other snap-off blades in the world.Ÿ?« During the manufacturing process, the following factors are...
    £3.90 inc VAT
  • Olfa EXCEL BLACK Ultra Sharp 9mm Snap-off Blades (Pack of 10)

    OLFAô¸ EXCEL BLACKŸ?« takes blade sharpness to the next level. OLFA's secret, advanced production process makes this blade 25% sharper than ENDURANCEŸ?« blades (which are already very sharp!). You can...
    £4.44 inc VAT
  • Olfa Slim Metal Body Cutter Auto Lock 18mm ML

    Ÿ?«ô˜A tough Snap Off Knife by Olfa for all types of uses.ô˜Ÿ?«ô˜The OLFAô¸ ML is slim, yet heavy-duty cutter, easily making its way through tough materials including plasterboard.Ÿ?«ô˜The auto-lock mechanism...
    £6.30 inc VAT
  • Olfa X DESIGN 18mm Cutter with Wheel Lock & Hard Metal Pick L5

    A long lasting durable Snap Off Knife with metal pick and strong blade for all uses.ô˜The OLFAô¸ L-5 benefits from X-DESIGNŸ?« excellence. This means that it has a very comfortable,...
    £7.45 inc VAT
  • Olfa LB-10B Endurance 18mm blades (Pack of 10x)

    OLFAô¸ ENDURANCEŸ?« blades are made from high carbon tool steel (SK-2) and sharper than most other snap-off blades in the world. During the manufacturing process, the following factors are perfected...
    £4.46 inc VAT
  • Olfa Wallpaper Cutter 12.5mm with Precision Auto-Lock

    Precision Wallpaper cutting blade with ultra sharp blades to prevent tearing.ô˜The OLFAô¸ MT-1/WP was designed & developed on request from British decorators.It is the only cutter made specifically for cutting...
    £7.99 inc VAT
  • Olfa EXCEL BLACK 12.5mm Wallpaper Cutting Blades (Pack x10)

    Excellent precision blades designed for cutting wall paper and coverings.The OLFAô¸ EXCEL BLACKŸ?« 12.5mm blade is the only blade in the world developed specifically for cutting wallpaper.It has been designed...
    £4.94 inc VAT
  • Olfa Professional Glass Scraper c/w 3x Spare Blades

    The thin design of the GSR-1 makes it possible to Ÿ??go in lowŸ??, inclining toward a flat glass surface. Handle and safety blade cover are made of glass-fiber reinforced PP...
    £12.65 inc VAT
  • Titan 6" Blade Chrome Shaft Wall Scraper With Neoprene Grip

    • The Ultimate Heavy duty, long handled 6" wall scraper featuring: • Quick release blade, replaced in seconds with no toools required • Rugged Chrome shaft, 22mm dia for ultimate strength • Secondary grip...
    £11.94 inc VAT
  • Prodec 5x Heavy Duty 6" Scraper Blades

    Ÿ?« Prodec 5x Heavy Duty Scraper BladesŸ?« Replacement blades for the 6" Titan Heavy Duty Scraper
    £3.92 inc VAT
  • Prodec Trade Vinyl Smoother/Wide Blade

    Ÿ?« Trade quality smoother for spreading and smoothing vinyl wall coverings.Ÿ?« Available in a range of sizes
    From £3.71 inc VAT
  • Combination Shavehook

    Combination shavehook - a sharpened ground steel blade with a different shape on each side for stripping paint and varnish from flat and irregular surfaces including cove, quadrant, pipes and...
    £4.76 inc VAT
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