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Blackfriars Paints- Making and supplying paints and varnishes since 1894

Starting life as the Ostrich paint & varnish works in Bristol In 1902 the Blackfriars name was born and they quickly earned an excellent reputation for its woodstains and varnishes. In 2004 Blackfriar became part of the Tor Coatings Group, cementing its position at the premium end of the paint and varnishes industry. Today the company manufactures and markets the Blackfriar range presented in this website from its facility in County Durham, England.

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  • Blackfriars Matt Black Paint

    To achieve a dead black matt surface, Blackfriars matt paint is the ideal paint. It is a solvent based paint for interior use that can be applied to wood, plaster and metal...
    From £8.20 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars Satin Black Paint

    Blackfriars Black Satin Paint provides an attractive, soft black satin finish for interior and exterior wood and metal. Its durability makes it ideal for wrought-iron work, doors, skirting, gates and...
    From £8.33 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars Chalkboard Paint

    A matt finish paint that gives clarity of chalking, resists ghosting and is easily cleaned.Designed for creating new or refurbishing old chalkboards. Ideal for use in the home, public houses,...
    From £8.33 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars 250ml Black High-Heat Resistant Paint

    Blackfriars Black High-Heat Resistant Paint with improved heat resistance,  High-Heat Resistant Paint withstands temperatures of up to 600ºC, whilst providing an attractive matt black finish for barbecues, grates, chimneys and radiators. ...
    £7.29 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars 500ml Brick & Tile Paint

    • Blackfriars Brick & Tile Paint revives faded bricks and tiles • It provides a tough, self-cleaning, weather-resistant finish. In attractive matt tile red• Ideal for roof tiles, bricks and masonry, both inside...
    £8.33 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars 500ml Polyurethane Floor Paint

    Blackfriars Polyurethane Floor Paint protects and transforms floors with an attractive, hard wearing finish Ideal for most surfaces including wood, concrete, cement, metal and brickwork. Specially formulated to resist oil and grease...
    £7.96 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars Aluminium Paint

    Blackfriars Aluminium Paint provides long-lasting, heat-resistant protection for interior and exterior surfaces. You can use it on metal and wood, on surfaces including car wheels, gates, railings, pipework etc.
    From £5.83 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars Teak Oil

    Blackfriar Teak Oil protects and revives wood – especially hard woods, teak and Scandinavian furniture.
    From £5.03 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars Danish Oil

    Blackfriars Danish Oil provides a beautiful, low lustre satin, scratch proof finish. You can use it inside and outside the home and it’s ideal for most wooden surfaces including furniture, doors, panelling,...
    From £7.57 inc VAT
  • Blackfriars Liquid Driers

    • A specially blended solution of liquid driers formulated with no added lead. • When added to paint it speeds up drying of most conventional oil-based decorative paints, polyurethanes and varnishes. • Use...
    From £8.33 inc VAT
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