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Paint Brushes & Decorating Tools

At the Decorators Store we supply the finest selection of Paint Brushes and Decorating Tools to ensure you can find the perfect brush or selection of brushes for your next project. We work with many of the industries leading providers such as Purdy, Hamilton and Axus to supply a varied range of brushes that can be used throughout the home. Whether you're painting interior walls, metal furniture or even exterior masonry, the Decorators Store can find the best brush for your painting requirements.

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  • Fit For The Job All Purpose Paint Brush

    All purpose brush offering a balance between price and quality. Made with pure black bristle and SRT for improved performance, on an American maroon handle. Stainless steel ferrule.
    From £1.13
  • Axus Decor Grey Immaculate Finish Paint Brushes

    • Professional quality synthetic paint bush that offers amazing performance at this price. • It features super fine, full-bodied filaments that perform good pick up and produce a fine finish with minimum...
    From £2.04
  • Axus grey POINTED PRECISION Brush SS Ferrule

    This brush features a pointed stock of super-fine, tapered, synthetic filaments for easy painting of sash windows, architraves, and other mouldings, with minimal brush marks. Aside from being comfortable and durable,...
    From £3.60
  • Axus Decor Angled Flat Fitches

    This brush is ideal for detailed work and touching up. Aside from being durable, bamboo handles are eco-friendly; a bamboo grove releases 35% more oxygen into the air than a...
    From £1.12
  • Axus Decor Immaculate Finish Brush Set - Grey 3 Brush Set

    Each brush features a full-bodied stock of super-fine, tapered, synthetic filaments. Engineered to pick up a large amount of paint and deliver it evenly onto the surface, with minimal brush...
  • Axus Decor Pro-Brush Brush Set - Blue 4 bush set

    These brushes feature a slightly stiff, full-bodied stock of tapered synthetic filaments They also feature rust-resistant stainless steel ferrules, and unvarnished, hardwood, beavertail handles. The filaments are set firmly into...
  • Axus Red Smooth 4 Piece Brush Set

    These brushes feature fine synthetic filaments that are designed to achieve a smooth finish, and tapered to release paint evenly.
  • Axus grey POINTED PRECISION Brush Set (12, 15, 20, & 25mm)

    These brushes feature a pointed stock of super-fine, tapered, synthetic filaments for easy painting of sash windows, architraves, and other mouldings, with minimal brush marks. Aside from being comfortable and durable,...
  • Picasso Stylus Chisel Cut Sash Brushes 3 Pack

    The Proform Picasso Stylus Sash Brush features a round beech wood handle. Blended nylon SRT filaments and a round chisel tip for precision painting
  • Picasso Angled Cut Oval Brush Standard Handle

    Picasso Proform oval ferrule, cutting & trim synthetic PBT bristle brush. All Picasso paint brushes incorporate advantage PBT filament that cleans perfectly and more importantly lay out paint ideal for...
    From £7.84
  • Picasso Minotaur Straight Cut Brushes 3 Pack

    Straight cut synthetic brush set with round beech wood kaiser style handles. Suitable for use with both water-borne and oil-based paints and coatings. Ideal for use on large areas or...
  • Picasso Advantage PBT Oval Angled 3Pk - PIC-1

    Picasso Oval Angled synthetic brush with long US style hardwood handle (PIC-1). Made with the Advantage PBT synthetic filament which is a firmer blend of PBT filament. These brushes are...
  • Purdy Pro Extra Monarch Brush

    Purdy Pro Extra Monarch Brush is a superior quality paint brush. Its thicker filament blend lays off 30% more paint than any other brush in the Purdy range, making it...
    From £11.45
  • Purdy Monarch Elite Paint Brush

    Purdy Monarch paint brushes are synthetic bristle brushes with stainless steel ferrule. Designed to lasts 5 times longer than natural bristle brushes, they are excellent investment. Ideal for interior and...
    From £10.90
  • Purdy XL Dale Elite Paint Brush

    Purdy Dale Elite Angled Brush is a superior quality angled paint brush is ideal for use with any type of paint. We know you need accuracy when cutting in and...
    From £9.48
  • Purdy XL Sprig Elite Paint Brush

    Purdy XL Sprig Brush is a handcrafted paint brush with stiff brush filaments and is ideal for either interior and exterior use. It has excellent cutting or detail control making...
    From £12.70
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