There’s a definite difference between a house and a home. With the right touches, you can make a home just about anywhere. However, home means something different to everyone, so the little things that make your house a home are going to be beautifully unique. Your home reflects your style, preferences, and personality. A warm colour palette could hint at an affinity for cosy evenings curled around a cuppa, or artistic prints with bright colours could tell about a vibrant personality 

The obvious choices for decking your home out in a way that makes it yours range from paint, carpeting, and furniture; but those are the broad strokes that create the canvas for those special, impactful details. Paint Panda is here to help you chose the best of paints or flooring. Our decorating experts will help you choose rugs as the first of those personal touches. A good rug gives a solid base to a room’s aesthetic, brings in a little extra cosiness for bare feet, and can be a beautiful feature accenting the rest of the room.

The room that likely gets the most use and traffic in your home is the living room. Whether you like to entertain company, gather family, or simply relax, it’s vital to decorate the living room in a way that will stand the test of time and wear. This is the hub that sets the tone for your home. We offer the Harlequin Zeal Rug in Pewter, whose design resembles abstract brush strokes in a colour palette that will bring life into the room’s theme.

Another area that sees heavy use could be the children’s bedroom or playroom. These rooms need to be decorated with pieces that are high quality, durable, and fun. A rug chosen from our selection of kid’s prints will delight even the littlest ones, fascinating babies with high contrast designs that will still be special to them when they’re old enough to appreciate the expressive images. A true favourite is our Mr Fox rug in silver, by Scion. Its cartoonish foxes add an adorable touch in neutral tones that will match anything.

For bedrooms, welcoming motifs that add a calming softness can make the room a peaceful retreat - perfect for gentle beginnings and ends to the day. In contrast, the dining room is a great place to express style that’s elegant as well as functional, inviting to family and friends. At Paint Panda, we aspire to offer knowledge and service built on our experience as a family business. Communication is our priority, so give us a call. We can work with you and your needs to bring depth into your decorating and truly make your house a home.