How to Varnish an Interior Wood Floor

As the key part of many homes, interior wood floors require a great deal of time and attention to ensure that they don’t deteriorate and begin to rot. With the right varnish products from brands such as BlackfriarOwatroland Treatex, you can protect your floors for years to come and make your tired floor look like new again. 

As the main recommended solution for many interior flooring problems, professional floor varnish will give your floor a stunning finish and will keep it clean and scratch free throughout the coming months and years. To show you how to do this, we’ve creating the following 3 step guide to application.



First of all, clear the floor of all furniture, rugs and carpets so that you have a tidy space to work with, the ensure the flooring is clean, dry and free of any oil, wax or other contamination prior to application. 

Bare wood products should then be sanded to a smooth service to remove any indents, lumps or wax coverings, whereas previously varnished floors only require a light sanding with a low-grade sand paper. 


Ensure that your chosen varnish is well mixed prior to application, then using either fine brush or roller, apply the varnish following the grain of the wood to keep a consistent finish. Apply according the instructions on the back of the can, but by rule of thumb you’ll need to apply 3 coats on to new wood and 2 coats on to previously varnished flooring.


When applying these coats, ensure that you leave 4 hours between coats but make sure that all coats are applied within 3 days. One thing it’s important to remember is that if you’re applying to a new or bare wood floor, dilute the first coat with around 10% of water to ensure the varnish permeates more effectively into the wood. Clean brushes in water after use.

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